Happy Holidays!

Christmas Label with Happy HolidaysHoliday task lists are usually endless – am I right?

Between shopping for gifts, writing cards, all that gift wrapping and then food shopping, who has the time to actually prepare for the day itself?

If you are hosting Christmas dinner this year then you will probably be more pushed for time than most…

Here are some Holiday Cleaning Tips to help you to plan your time ready for this festive season.

First Impressions Count:  Start with your entryway as this can be done in advance – wipe down your front door, shake and then vacuum your floor mats and mop the floors (if possible).  Add a few Christmas decorations to get people into the Christmas spirit as soon as they enter your home.

Hallway Closet:  Empty out the nearest closet to the front door so that your guests can store their shoes, coats and personal belongings tidily, this will help to avoid any un-necessary clutter in the hallway.

Kitchen:  Most people at some point during the day will make their way into your kitchen  – start at one corner and work your way around from left to right.  Make sure that you dust light fittings, clean the stove, appliances, cabinet surfaces, counter tops, sinks and remember to empty/flush the garbage disposal.  Clean and sort through your refrigerator and make room for any party food and leftovers.

Guest Bathroom:  Make sure that the bathroom is perfectly clean with soap, hand soap, fresh washcloths and towels and extra toilet paper available.  Also add a scented plug in or some pot pourri to ensure that the bathroom smells nice for the whole day.

Christmas Table:  Make sure that you have given your table a thorough clean including the legs and also the chairs.  Clean all of your dinnerware, cutlery, glassware, cups and serving dishes.  Lay out your table cloth, table runner, napkins and any table decorations and polish any silverware before you put it on display.

Christmas Dinner:  Try to cook as much of your food in advance as possible, this is to allow you to actually spend some quality time with your family and loved ones, rather than spending your whole day in the kitchen.

Plan Ahead: You still have ten days left to Christmas Day – just doing one of these things each day will make your Christmas experience a lot more enjoyable!

If you do not have the time to clean your home for Christmas, then call College Girl Cleaning Service to schedule in a one time clean now!

Happy Holidays!


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