Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving is almost upon us!

This is a time for family and friends to get together and if you are hosting then that means it is also time for the annual Thanksgiving cleaning.

The Thanksgiving Day cleaning is different to a typical general clean where your goal is to create a household that is extremely warm, welcoming and smells of homemade apple pie.

For many, Thanksgiving is the most important day of the year!

This might be the only day that the entire family will be sitting down at the same table and nobody wants to walk into a messy, dirty house, especially on Thanksgiving.

If you are hosting then your main focus should definitely be on cooking the thanksgiving feast, baking that apple pie and certainly not on cleaning.

Thanksgiving Day cleaning will focus on high traffic areas of the house, this includes bathrooms, passageways, living room, dining room and the kitchen.  You don’t need to worry about the bedrooms, just shut the doors and only worry about the areas that your guests are going to be frequenting.

Passageways tend to collect clutter, so make sure that the passageways are clear and that the floors have been vacuumed or swept and mopped.

Your bathrooms should be thoroughly cleaned and the addition of a scented oil plug in or some pot pourri will make your bathroom smell great too.  Also make sure that there are clean hand towels and a few bottles of liquid hand soap available; no one likes to wash their hands with used bars of soap.

Cleaning out your fridge is another important step in the Thanksgiving Day clean, making room for all of your Thanksgiving Day feast leftovers and also giving you an opportunity to clear out any food and condiments that have been collecting in your fridge for a while.

Your dining room will no doubt be taking center stage, so make sure that everything has been dusted thoroughly and that your best cutlery and silverware have been polished to perfection.

In conclusion; if you follow these simple Thanksgiving Day cleaning tips, you will have peace of mind that your Thanksgiving Day dinner should run smoothly and without any hiccups (other than from drinking too much wine).

Happy Thanksgiving!

Please comment if you can think of any other tips to help ensure that your thanksgiving is optimized for perfection.

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  1. My wife and I are having a big family get together at our home this Thanksgiving, and we definitely want to make sure the house is cleaned properly. We hand’t even thought of cleaning out our fridge to provide room for leftovers so we’ll make sure to do that. Thanks for sharing, as this has been very helpful!

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