Hotel Cleaning Tips and Tricks

In order for a hotel to be successful, you need to keep in mind several factors, and one of the prime factors is cleanliness. In large tourist areas such as Orlando, Florida, competition makes the following advice regarding hotel room cleanliness all the more important. The vast majority of guests prioritize cleanliness almost over every other factor in ranking a hotel room. If you want to ensure your hotel room is clean you will want to make sure the following cleaning methods are being used by your hotel housekeeping staff.

Housekeeping often uses a cleaning cart to clean each guest rooms. These carts are designed to carry the necessary cleaning tools and solutions. Common items you can find in cleaning carts are:

  • Dust rags
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • New Linens

A high-quality vacuum cleaner is necessary to clean guest rooms. Choose a vacuum cleaner that has high efficiency particulate air. These vacuum cleaners are effective in tackling allergens and dust. Choose vacuum crevice tools for cleaning difficult areas like behind the doors, furniture and under beds.

Choose microfiber cloths for polishing mirrors and television sets.

It is often difficult to clean the hotel common areas. Some of these areas include:

  • Large windows
  • Huge carpets
  • Huge furniture
  • Ceilings

For cleaning these, you will require:

  • Bucket and mop to clean the floors
  • Tall ladder to reach these high areas
  • Sturdy rag to rub the doorknobs and handles
  • Extender wand broom to dust the high areas
  • Sander and waxing device to clean wood flooring
  • Carpet steamer to clean the carpets

For the bathroom:

Every guest prioritizes having a well-cleaned bathroom. For maintaining sparkling bathroom in your hotel, you will require high-quality rags that can easily absorb water. Choose an anti-bacterial cleaner that cleans the floor removing all the germs. Use a hard brush to clean the stubborn stains from the toilet bowl. Use a cleaner on the bathroom fixtures to ensure they are shiny throughout the day. Use a good mop to clean the bathroom floor.

Many hotels today are adopting the trend of go green. This is mutually beneficial as it helps the environment and creates a good impression of the hotel. If you want to join this league, opt for non-toxic cleaning products. We have discussed green cleaning and green solutions in the previous post Green Cleaning Tips.

You can receive an extensive range of hospitality cleaning products at several online stores. In conclusion, using the advice given here will ensure your hotel room is as clean as your home is.

  • Make a checklist for each room.
  • Form a cleaning routine.
  • Take off the bed sheet. Dust the headboard.
  • Vacuum under the bed
  • Use furniture polish on the duster.
  • Use an old cloth to rub the furniture.
  • To avoid climbing up and down the ladder, clean the window frames first followed by the
  • baseboards.
  • Use lint roller to remove stray hair from basin, bathroom and under shower. Use lint roller in difficult areas like under cabinets.
  • Use water and alcohol mixture to clean the room fixtures and doors. They will add a shine to the cleaned areas.

There is no reason your hotel room stay should not remind you of staying at home; and a clean hotel room is a great start in achieving that process.

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