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Picture courtesy of Brighnest

Image courtesy of Brighnest


Are you sick of unsightly stains in your toilet bowl?

Here’s a quick tip for you!

When cleaning your bathroom and to assist in the removal of toilet bowl stains, drop a couple of denture tablets into the bowl and leave for 30 minutes  (You can leave for longer on harder stains or even add a few more tablets to speed up the process) .


The result is a nice clean toilet bowl and a lot less scrubbing for you!!!

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  1. Great tip. I tried it on my toilet bowl and it worked like a charm.

  2. Great tip – this works!! I’d heard about tipping cola down the toilet to make it sparkle but this is so much better. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Hey Amanda,
    I tried this the other day for a couple clients of mine, as I own a cleaning and housekeeping service business for quite some time, am always looking for certain life hacks to add value to my services and my clients as well. I am really glad I bumped into this blog of yours. Thank you for this!

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