Cleaning Service Extras | What Cleaning Services do you Really Need?

Orlando House Cleaning Services

Here at College Girl Cleaning Service we often receive house cleaning requests that are not part of a standard general cleaning package. We pride ourselves on tailoring our cleaning services to our clients needs, and make every effort to accommodate these requests. Each house and it’s particular cleaning requirements are unique, and a “one size fits all” […]

Time Saving Move Out Cleaning Tips for The House

Move Out Cleaning

Spring has arrived, meaning that the moving season has also started. Move out cleaning can sometimes take a whole day or longer. People almost always underestimate how much effort will have to go into move out cleaning since they are usually focused on getting all of their belongings from their old home to their new […]

Cleaning Services and Their True Value

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services were once thought of as a luxury; something only the rich and pampered could afford. Today, however, cleaning services are not viewed as the luxury they once were. Most of us (myself included) simply cannot find enough time in the day to keep our houses as clean as we would like, due to […]

Housekeeping Tips Living with Pets

Janitorial Services

Housekeeping is a chore not many of us look forward to; in fact housekeeping is often the last thing we want to do after a long day at work or during our precious free time on the weekends. We all love our pets; and a lot of us (myself included) could not imagine life without […]

House Cleaning after Being Sick

Home Cleaning after a Cold

House cleaning after a cold is usually the last thing on your mind when you finally recover but house cleaning after your last illness is probably one of the most important prevention methods you can do. With the winter winding down, we all want to be healthy enough to enjoy the upcoming spring weather. In […]