Quick Tip!

  Are you sick of unsightly stains in your toilet bowl? Here’s a quick tip for you! When cleaning your bathroom and to assist in the removal of toilet bowl stains, drop a couple of denture tablets into the bowl and leave for 30 minutes  (You can leave for longer on harder stains or even add a […]

Deep Cleaning Your Home

We all know the importance of keeping up with a general cleaning of your home on a regular basis for maintenance purposes; but is it also highly recommended to hire a maid or cleaning service quarterly and prior to any special occasions for a deep cleaning. A deep clean will leave your home looking and […]

When Life Hands You Lemons…

When life hands you lemons… What are your options? How about using this natural, versatile fruit to clean around your home? Did you know that lemons are commonly used to clean such household items as the microwave oven, chopping boards, blenders, garbage disposals and many others? Here are some great tips for using lemons around […]

Happy Holidays!

Holiday task lists are usually endless – am I right? Between shopping for gifts, writing cards, all that gift wrapping and then food shopping, who has the time to actually prepare for the day itself? If you are hosting Christmas dinner this year then you will probably be more pushed for time than most… Here are some Holiday […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

  Thanksgiving is almost upon us! This is a time for family and friends to get together and if you are hosting then that means it is also time for the annual Thanksgiving cleaning. The Thanksgiving Day cleaning is different to a typical general clean where your goal is to create a household that is extremely […]