Be your own Boss! Inquire about owning your own College Girl Cleaning Service Franchise today! Recently featured in the article: Sizzling Start-Ups from the Sunshine State.

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Cleaning Service Franchise Available!!

A unique cleaning service franchise opportunity has finally become available! Inquire for details:

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  • Let us guide you on your path to becoming your own boss!
  • Utilize our proven model for success! 
  • Give back to your local community!
  • Low start-up costs! 

Looking for a proven business model with low start-up costs that provides a service in constant demand? Are you tired of the corporate grind? Can’t stand the idea of getting in your car to make the long commute to work in bumper to bumper traffic? If you would like to be your own boss, take charge of your life, and work from a home based office, then you have made the right decision to inquire about a College Girl Cleaning Service franchise. We have a proven model of success you will utilize to both control your financial future while helping your neighbors and your local community! 

If you’re still looking for that opportunity to provide financial security for you and your family and control your own destiny, this could be the most important information you have ever read.

Here’s why:

There’s an opportunity in a One-Hundred Billion dollar a year industry to provide a recession-proof service to both those with expendable income (but very little free time)  and professionals who require your services. This industry is the cleaning service industry and the clients are your over-worked neighbors, General Contractors, Office Managers, Realtors, Commercial Property Managers and Restaurant and Bar Owners (just to name a few).

With the economy and home sales on the rise, there is no better time to own your own College Girl Cleaning Service franchise. Let us use our proven model, system, and procedures to put you on the path to success you deserve.

Allow me to fill you in on our management team’s background. Our C.O.O.’s family has ran a successful cleaning service in South Florida for over twenty years, and he saw first-hand how lucrative the business could be. After graduating college and working mundane corporate jobs for years, we had an epiphany; why not form a company that helps people with their ever-growing time management needs, benefits the community, and is recession proof to boot? In early 2011 we developed College Girl Cleaning Service in Orlando, Florida, and since that point have seen revenue and profit grow year after year.  In 2012 we established a second branch in Denver, Colorado and the results have been even larger growth over a shorter period of time. We are here to help you achieve the same growth using our proven model to success, while avoiding the pitfalls and mistakes we have learned the hard way. 

When most people hear about our service and industry as a whole they think, “Wow, what a great idea, why didn’t I think of that?”, or there are those that say “I came up with that idea a long time ago and this guy stole my idea”.  Problem was, after milling it around and trying to figure out how this can actually become an operational business, they hit a dead end and gave up. Some even went ahead with their plan, not knowing the operational & financial details, and soon after realized that they could not make enough money to pay overhead, pay for insurance, etc…so they close up shop or never opened to begin with. Don’t make this costly mistake. Let us guide you on your path to success.

Frequently Asked Questions:

So how does this type of service work? How does it make money? Who does what? Are contracts used? How do you hire cleaners?  What’s the best way to market this business? What software do I use to schedule jobs, track clients, and ensure the “ball does not get dropped?”  Where do I buy cleaning supplies? How much do I charge the clients and pay the cleaners? How big can I get? How fast will I grow? How many clients will I need? Will my market succeed? Can I quit my day job? Can I hire a manager to run the franchise?

Those are probably a few of the questions you are asking yourself, and not only do we have the answers…we have the solutions! 

 Inquire about investing in your very own College Girl Cleaning Service Franchise Opportunity today! All inquiries will be responded to within twenty-four hours.