Cleaning Testimonials

Really thorough house cleaning at a great price. Nicole did a wonderful job cleaning and we have every intention of using her for our next cleaning. Really paid attention to detail, and cleaned just as we asked.

Stacie L. – Jan 06, 2014

Best residential cleaning service I have tried, and I have been through a number of house cleaning services in Orlando. We have used then 3 times now, and have every intention of doing so again. They arrive on time, do an excellent job, and do not rush. I also like the fact we have a single house cleaner, not four who rush in for an hour then leave. Very satisfied.

Donna Tulley – Aug 22, 2013

Our house has never been cleaner! The young ladies that arrived to clean our home were friendly, efficient, and cleaned even past my expectations. The girls were not on their cell phones or outside smoking, as we have experienced with other cleaning services, but actually spent their time cleaning my home. They asked me questions when unsure of anything and we looked over the house together before they left. We will be using them again.

                                                                                                                                                                                          Stacy  P.-  May 6, 2013

We own a condo in Celebration and have the unit cleaned twice a year before coming down by CGCS, Always have done an excellent job and will continue to use them

Jen – Jan 7, 2013

After receiving a reference from a friend I called college girls for a one time cleaning (I generally clean my own home but have a broken leg). The service their employee Ashley provided was great and she was very polite and arrived on time. I give the company a thumbs up!.

Linda G. – Sept 8, 2012


We own a property by Disney and decided to come down to Orlando with my daughter and her family to celebrate the holidays somewhere warm this year. We only make it down there maybe once a year so I called college girl cleaning to clean the place after being provided the best quote by them over the phone. I was pleasantly surprised to find the place immaculate and dust-free (my main concern) upon arrival. Bravo on the great cleaning!

Petey – July 25, 2012

We live out of town and own a condo in Orlando; we contracted College Girl Cleaning Service to clean our condo prior to a weekend visit. When we arrived the place was spotless and extra services were performed we had not even requested, like cleaning the inside of the microwave and washing bed sheets! I would highly recommend this company to Orlando Residents.

Dave M. – Apr 11, 2012


In my opinion the best cleaning service in Orlando! My quoted price was below the competition I called, the cleaning was superb, and the staff was friendly and on time!

Sarah81 ‎ – Feb 2, 2012


Great service, affordable pricing, and on-time arrival! I was pleasantly suprised by the service College Girl Cleaning provided; they even managed to clean my master bath shower walls (no small task). I will not hesitate to call them again to clean my home.

Dannoboi ‎ – Jan 10, 2012


After trying a few of the well known cleaning companies and coming away dissatisfied, I spotted College Girl Cleaning Services’ ad on Craigslist and gave them a try. They were prompt, did an excellent job, and quoted me a lower rate then the rest! Needless to say I am now a regular customer.

AmandaHG97 ‎ – Oct 30, 2011


Highly Recommended!! The 2 girls were very thorough and spent extra time scrubbing the grout on my tile floor because they felt “it was needed”. The owner called me immediately after the girls left to confirm I was happy with the cleaning and service. I have already signed them on full time.

Diadora ‎ – Sep 29, 2011


After being able to accommodate my last minute request for a cleaning (didn’t want my gf coming home to a dirty house!) I was very happy with the cleaning that was provided, and so was my gf!

MM ‎ – Sep 23, 2011


College Girl Cleaning Service recently cleaned my home and I was very pleased by the results. The maid who came to clean my home was very thorough in her cleaning and went above and beyond my expectations. If you live in the Orlando area I would highly recommend this company.

MattyMcg ‎ – Aug 12, 2011


Started out I was going to use College Girls Cleaning Service as a one time thing. The girls did such a great job cleaning I am on a regular schedule now. They were on time, very courteous, and friendly. For a busy person like myself this service is invaluable. If you live in the Orlando area this is the cleaning service you need. I will recommend this company to all my friends.

TammyWP ‎ – Jul 26, 2011


My house was a mess and I needed it cleaned immediately, I called College Girl Service and my house looked immaculate! The cleaner was on time, did a great job and was super friendly. I have, and will continue to, recommend this service to all my friends and family.

Orlando Steve ‎ – Jul 8, 2011


 Excellent service and the maids arrived early! My house is spotless.

Gena ‎ – May 13, 2011


Girls were very professional and my house has never been cleaner! I will definitely use College Girl Cleaning Service again.

Michle0317 ‎ – May 13, 2011


Maids were right on time, very friendly, and did a great job! Will definitely use again and highly recommend!!!

Justin ‎ – Apr 26, 2011


Great Service that provides a quality cleaning; will use again for my next get-together.

Brittany0694 ‎ – Apr 02, 2011